Projects in progress

Buongiorno a tutti!
I hope you’re having a beautiful week as days pass by.
Today is a moody day. I haven’t slept enough. I always need 10 – 12 hours sleeping. Can’t make it with 7 – 8 hours as a normal human sleeps.
I’m only waiting for Saturday, because Saturday 20Jan, I’m meeting my doctor. Remember? That little girl that is going to be born in April 4? I’m so happy because I’m going to see her! I’m in the 28th week of my pregnancy. 28 weeks and 6 days. From now on, I can clearly see her nose, ears, hand, legs, eyes! I love the feeling that grows inside me! Never felt it before. As days go by, I’m getting anxious about the due date! I’m preparing everything day by day but I have always that feeling, I’m not gonna be ready till then! I don’t have time! I’m getting nervous, and I need time to calm and relax. I just lay down and cuddle my baby girl. She’s always awake at 3:00 – 3:30 AM! Every night! That’s why I like staying awake late at night! I bet that when she’ll be born, she will wake up the same hour!! Also, I have to say that she’s very quiet baby. She always gets panic and moves nervously when I get panic and stressed. Otherwise, she’s so calm and her moves are like cuddling me. Beautiful feeling. If you haven’t been pregnant before you can’t even understand it.

Yesterday, I finished the left sleeve of the Korrigan sweater. I don’t know why It takes me so long to finish it. Maybe because of the buttons. I was looking for three beautiful red buttons to put on it. Today I bought some, but I don’t know if they suit perfectly. I want this sweater to be perfect. I’m trying!




Also, I started Milo vest. I choose to use Knit Picks Gloss DK yarn (70% Merino, 30% Silk). It’s very soft and warm. It’s the first time I’m using it. It’s the first time I’m using the technique kfPSOkb! I liked it very much! It’s a technique that is used at the end of the cast off on sleeve/shoulder straps . This continues the line of the raglan shaping as well as eliminates that gappy stitch between the cast off and the underarm stitches. (


I’m going to try finishing Korrigan sweater and post the results.
I’m on the way to buy some cotton yarn because my baby is a summer baby! These wooly little things are only for the first month. I’m going to buy Cascade, Ultra Pima yarn, 100% cotton, for making her dresses and summer vests! Can’t wait!

What are you making this week?


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