Preparing for the hospital

Long time no see!!
So many things to do before hospital.
I have packed my and baby’s things(i’ll post details). I’m finishing with her room. I’m so happy doing all these things!!! I’m in 38th week! 38 weeks and 4 days!! I can’t stand waiting..!

Immie Tee finished! Haven’t followed Flickafish’s version. If you follow Flickafish’s instructions about the neckband, i recommend you don’t bind off knitwise. Choose another stretchy bind off. I love this lace pattern. One of my favorites.
Immie Tee

Korrigan Sweater also finished!
I love these red buttons!
Korrigan sweater
Korrigan sweater

Puerperium Cardigan finished! Finally, non-color buttons!! I really think this needs a crocheted flowers on it! What do you think? 🙂

Also, i had a pedicure for the big day (i’ll post photo in the next post), and stopped biting my nails! 🙂

See you soon

Love you all!


Viva il blu

Lovers of winter, you’re going to love these pics!

Feb 4: I went to this beautiful beach for a walk and took some very nice pictures.

Pictures below, have not even a touch of Photoshop. This beautiful landscape was exactly as shown.

I took more pictures that day. There are all in my Flickr Set. It was a cold rainy day (you know how much I love rain!).

Photos taken in Agios Gordios, Lefkimmi – Corfu, Greece


More photos of that day here

Ravellenic Games 2014

Hallo world!

This week I started knitting Immie Tee, and yes! I’m participating in Ravellenic Games 2014 with this beautiful sweater for my little girl. I’m in Team Greece!

I’m going to use Flickafish’s modifications. I love her projects! I wish I could knit the way she does! This morning I’ve read this beautiful post from her blog. She always inspires me in so many projects (makes me dream future projects also).  You should really have a look  at her blog If you like knitting.

My Immie Tee, is being knitted with this beautiful yarn Knit Picks Simply Cotton Organic Sport. It’s an organic Cotton yarn, so soft and warm. I’ve made before Fiona’s Top with this yarn. I love it. I couldn’t really imagine that a Cotton yarn could be like that yarn.

Immie Tee

Immie Tee

Immie Tee

Immie Tee

Immie Tee


what are you making this week? 

Chionati VS Lion

Chionati, my muse,

the light of my life.


…angry mood. It was the day we took her to the doctor.
It’s like a photo from a thriller movie! It’s like she’s going to attack!
And the lion must be the perfect victim…!

Evil cat VS lion

Of course, she’s not evil at all.
She is the cutest cat in the world!

A dress for my angel

So many things to do these days, and I couldn’t find some time to post even a word!

Today, I took my precious Chionati to the doctor. She is allergic to something (we don’t know to what), and when she’s under influence she’s scratching all her body, so it makes it bleed. It doesn’t stop. It only gets worse, even If she’s not near the affection. Doctor injected her an antiallergic liquid thing, and cortisone. And here she is! Beautiful as always! Just a little bit stoned by the injections.


My baby girl is doing fine! I’m a little bit stressed because I’ve started thinking about the birth moment. I saw some videos on youtube. Raw stuff. Real thing. Real birth. I was about to lose my senses, but I think I’m getting used to it. I hope so! I’m always having questions like ‘Am I strong enough to give life? Will I be strong enough that very special moment?’. Days pass by… 7 weeks more and I’m starting to count days. Can you imagine? Pregnancy has caused me gut problems. I haven’t felt before any pain stronger than this! I thought that the big time has came! I had gut pains before, but not so strong. My baby girl was moving stressfully and it was making much more worse for me. Today, someone told me that she had the same problem with me in her pregnancy, and maybe my baby girl when she comes out she won’t be an infant with colics! I’m really hoping It will be true!

Last week I finished Muti dress! Remember, last week I have said that I wanted this dress to be perfect? It was like I had said the opposite!
First, I had some problem with joining in the round, the pattern doesn’t gives clearly what you have to do to join in the round. If someone has the same problem here is my way:
Facing the right side of the fabric, with the working yarn on the left hand and the end of the row on the other hand, on the right needle, on circular needles, I slipped the 4 stitches that are on the right needle (last stitches of the row, first stitches of the needle), in a cable needle.
After that, I placed the cable needle next to the left hand needle. I purled the first stitches together. Then I followed the pattern directions.

The other problem was the yarn stash!! I had only 2 skeins. The pattern needed one more!
NEVER again not noticing my yarn stash. I was out of yarn. I did a smaller dress, and the yarn was out in binding off!!!
Someone cursed me. There is no other explanation.
I hope my little girl forgive me!

After all these, I still love this pattern and the yarn too! I’m gonna make another one for sure.

Photos are before blocking.